“Moneyball” man visits the broken-down country.

“Wall Street on the Tundra” by Michael Lewis.

from Vanity Fair

Previously on Take 2:  Iceland is…What?

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Send Me a Postcard

March 5, 2009

The art and soul of them.

“The Found Poetry of Postcards” by Sarah Boxer

from Slate

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Down and back.

“The Dakota Pool Shark” by  Amy Shipley

from The Washington Post

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A California proposal to fix the budget shortfall.

Everybody Must Get Stoned by Katherine Mieszkowski

from Salon

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Give Me Five

March 2, 2009

Why Beethoven still matters.

Ted Libbey & Fred Child Recommend Beethoven’s 5th & 7th Symphonies

from NPR

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Do not go another day without listening to this singer: More on YouTube

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“One Big Unhappy Family” by Fred Halliday. From New York Review of Books

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